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Waitwear: Where Power, Purity & Passion meet Phashion!

About Us


Wait Wear is a young contemporary clothing line that boldly promotes chastity until marriage in all of its apparel. It began in 2002 when the Founder, Yvette Thomas, awoke one night from a dream she had about putting simple messages like "No Vow No Sex" on underwear to help individuals remember the commitments they have made to remain celibate until marriage.

The reason why Wait Wear is popular is that we combine a positive message that appeals to teens and young adults, (as well as their parents) and we put these messages on apparel that is in style.

The Personal Side

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and currently a single mother raising three sons.  At the age of 33, I was tired of dead end relationships and very concerned about the message I was sending to my sons of what a healthy relationship between a man and woman should look like.  I decided to end an eight year relationship with the father of my two youngest sons, whom I was never married too.  Although, we were living together, I never felt comfortable with the fact that we were not married.  I was raised in a Christian environment and knew that I was not living in alignment with God's laws.  After years of disappointments and heartbreak, I decided that being in this type of bondage was not good for me or my children.  I wanted my sons to learn how a married couple interacted, communicated and respected one another; all of which I was not representing.

At 33, I decided to remain celibate until the time I do marry.  I think that I can be the best example for them.  I want to give my sons tools that I did not get in my youth, and show them that sex is the best when saved for marriage, and that life is so much better when sex is saved for marriage.

Although I was raised in the Church, got very good grades, was very mature intellectually, I did not have the tools I needed to help me when the peer pressure came.  Most adults thought, naturally, that I knew it all; that I was "smarter than that," but they were wrong.  I became sexually active at the age of 15 and no one knew.  When I was allowed to date at 16, I was never told what was appropriate and what was not.  I thought that I was strong enough to be in any situation and still say NO.  I was wrong.  My first son was born out of wedlock when I was 21.  I later had two more children out of wedlock at 26 and 30 years of age with many relationships from age 15-25.

As I started getting older, I really started to understand what parenting was about. I learned that as a parent, I must be my children's role model.  Even though I did not get it right; there is no excuse.  I cannot let my past keep me from telling them the truth.  I know that God has forgiven me, cleansed me and given me a right attitude and right spirit.

Although, I have no regrets about my past, I do wish I would have saved sex for  marriage.  I find that most people feel this way.  When you become sexually involved outside of marriage it clouds your thinking, and prevents you from seeing individuals for whom they really are when you are prematurely involved with them physically.

Wait Wear came to me in a dream in March 2002.  I believe that we need to remind ourselves on a regular basis of what we have decided to do in the way of abstaining from sex until marriage.  I know I must remind myself and I know there are others out there who feel the same.

In October 2002 I took the dream and launched publicly Wait Wear.  I hope that my line of clothing and underwear will help others to WAIT.

The Business Side

In 1987 when my son Austin was born I had to work 2 jobs to support us.  I was 21 years old.   I was always blessed to have decent paying jobs.  Although, I did not finish college after my pregnancy, the Lord has provided for me through the years.

After two years of working 2 jobs, one for the Veterans Administration in Westwood, California and the other at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Beverly Hills, I decided that my son needed me more.  I left the two jobs and went to work for Mattel Toys, Inc. in Hawthorne, after a 2 year period and a great opportunity presented itself I went to work for the Federal Court in downtown Los Angeles.  I gained a lot of experience working for the court system, but by then, I had my second child with my third on the way.  I needed to be home with them.  Since I was not married and could not depend on the support of a man who was not committed to me, I decided I would leave the court and venture into the real estate market.  Real estate would allow me a flexible schedule and the ability to work from home.  I obtained my real estate license while on maternity leave and when given the right opportunity I left the court.  This was in May 1998 and I have never once looked back.

I worked as a real estate agent for 3 years with RE/MAX and in July 2000 I obtained my brokers license and started Thomas Young & Newman Real Estate & Tax Service.  Who are my partners you ask?  Well, I am Thomas, Young is my oldest son's last name and Newman is my youngest two sons.

Once the vision for Wait Wear came to me, I realized that real estate (although my passion) was not where my final destination would be.  I took a leap of faith and started Wait Wear Inc.   Wait Wear started out being a tool that would help me and has turned into a tool for others as well.

Update:  Since launching our apparel in 2005 at the MAGIC International Apparel tradeshow, we have opened up in several retail stores and have been featured on The View, Good Morning America and The Tyra Banks Show, not mention numerous newspaper articles have been written. 

I hope you stay strong and be blessed.



“Where Purity, Passion & Power meet Phashion”

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